Jason Cutajar

Jason Cutajar

Jason CutajarJason CutajarJason Cutajar

A  R  C  H  I  T  E  C  T  U  R  A  L     D  E  S  I  G  N

About Me

My Background


I've been building, designing and creating my entire life. As a child, the medium was a garage full of junk. My mentor was a father who could build almost anything with anything. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and still do. Upon graduating from architecture school, I specialized in designing custom homes. Designing homes for Brennan Custom Homes for over 20 years gave me an opportunity to work on amazing projects for Canada's elite and work with incredible, internationally renowned interior designers like Christian Liaigre, and Rockwell Group.  Established in 1997, I've amassed a portfolio of well over 50 uniquely designed homes ranging from 5-40M in Canada and the USA.  

Design Formula


Each home is tailored to the client's needs and wants and designed to respect and take advantage of natural elements and topography. The result is a timeless design that has traditional roots, yet is fresh, contemporary and  exciting. 

My Inspiration


I draw inspiration from great design, whether it be automobilia, architecture or industrial. I look to traditional masterpieces, craftsmanship and modern innovation that our predecessors would have loved to have had.

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